Serving Neenah And The Fox Valley Area

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Restoring Massage:

A 30-minute massage. This massage will relieve stress, stimulate circulation and focus on any areas of concern.

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A full body massage. 60 minutes to relax tense muscles and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit.


A gentle massage performed on a customized cushion that allows the "mother-to-be" to experience the release of tension and discomfort.

La Stone Massage:

A 60-minute massage infused with warm and cool stones. A deep massage balancing the energies of your body while relieving the tension on your muscles with the stones.


A 90-minute massage. A massage allowing you to discover the relaxing power of touch, unknot tense and aching muscles, relieve headaches, and even help with sleep problems.

Additional Services Provided:



  • Ear candling — Helps balance the equilibrium and remove excess ear wax

  • Foot Reflexology






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